Fat Burner Kit

Fat Burner Kit


Crush Cravings, Lose Weight & Electrify Your Day

Taking weight loss to a whole new level! It’s your one-stop shop for bringing the pounds down with a powerful combination of products from Total Life Changes. Detox & cleanse with Iaso® Tea, curb your appetite & follow a reasonable diet with Resolution Drops, and electrify your attitude & burn more calories with NRG.*

This kit provides:

  • Iaso® Original Tea: 5 packs (1 month supply + 1 to share). Four to Tear & 1 to Share!
    (8 oz) Iaso® Original Tea with dinner

  • Resolution Drops: One bottle provides 28 days of dietary supplement

  • NRG: One bottle provides thirty capsules

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How to use the kit

(.5ml) Resolution Drops before breakfast
(1) capsule NRG with breakfast or lunch 

(.5ml) Resolution Drops before lunch
(8 oz) Iaso® Original Tea with lunch 
(1) capsule NRG with lunch, if not taken with breakfast 

(.5ml) Resolution Drops before dinner 
(8 oz) Iaso® Original Tea with dinner 
(4 oz.) Iaso® Original Tea later in the evening with a snack 

Following this plan, along with a healthy diet, these products will turn your body into a clean and efficient calorie-burning machine. You will feel more focused and energized to get after your day.* Give this amazing combination a try and we know you’ll feel it!