Mary Sheffield is a native Detroiter with a track record of community service and leadership. She believes in building a stronger future for all Detroiters and restoring Detroit to its rightful place of prominence, globally. 

In November of 2013, Mary, at the age of 26, became the youngest person ever elected to the Detroit City Council. She was later selected as the Council President Pro Tempore by her colleagues after being elected to a second term in 2017. President Pro Tempore Sheffield was appointed Chair of Neighborhood and Community Services and initially served on the Planning and Economic Development committee but currently sits on the Budget, Finance and Audit standing committee. Mary is a board member for the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, a member of the National Network to Combat Gun Violence, a member of People for the American Way’s (PFAW) Young Elected Officials, a Continuum of Care (for the homeless) board member and a founding member of the newly formed Black Legislative Exchange Council. 

At the Council table, Pro Tem Sheffield has made a commitment to fight for the continued growth of Detroit and has remained steadfast in keeping neighborhoods at the center of the conversation. In her short time on the Detroit City Council, she has launched a number of initiatives designed to engage residents and offer a truly representative form of government to the residents of District 5 and Detroit as a whole. Council President Pro Tempore Mary Sheffield is renowned for her monthly Occupy the Corner – Detroit initiative, Homelessness Taskforce, “State of the Youth” Symposiums, Detroit Girls of Destiny mentorship program and her recently announced People’s Bills designed to help low-income and long term Detroiters. 

Legislatively, she has sponsored Inclusionary Housing, Notification/Right to First Refusal and Poverty Tax Exemption Ordinances, restored Police Commission powers after emergency management and successfully fought to save the Senior Home Repair Grant program. Pro Tem Sheffield is committed to building a Detroit and attracting new residents and families but wants to also ensure the City remains committed to the residents who stayed through the toughest of times

Led by faith and driven by her passion for people and justice, City Council President Pro Tempore Mary Sheffield has accepted her calling to be an active participant in Detroit’s Renaissance – lending her voice and expertise to ensuring all Detroiters benefit during Detroit’s resurgence and that the development taking place is sustainable.